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We provide vast variety of rubber coupling products. Our products are used for pipeline applications and are most effective for sealing and fitting applications.

Coupling device

A coupling is a device which connects two shafts together for power transmission. It provides excellent abrasion resistance and oil resistance capacity. And used in order to join the mechanical parts in the industrial rotating equipment. Generally polyurethane is used to manufacture couplings due to its elastic property.

Tyre Coupling

Tyre coupling device is used to reduce vibration in engines and also reduces the torque oscillation. It is available in different versions such as F or H type. And customers can find tyre coupling in various dimensions and in taper lock fitting models. It is applicable in compressors, pumps, blowers, etc.

Star Couplings & Spiders

Star rubber couplings are easy to install and maintain. It is also called as spider coupling. These are designed in order to avoid the misalignment of shafts. It has the ability to withhold high temperatures and has long life span. It is manufactured in different colours, sizes and tooth segments are designed based on the dimensions

Pinbush Coupling

Pin bush coupling device is used to transmit the torque from one shaft to another and avoids the misalignment in engine parts. It is resistant to water, dust and other atmospheric conditions. The performance of pin bush coupling is reliable and durable.

Nylon Sleeve Gear Couplings

Our Gear coupling made out of Nylon rubber is known for its superior quality and performance. Nylon couplings are operated at temperature range of -20 C to +80 C.

Torsional couplings

These couplings are used to transmit the torque in between two hubs. The rubber torsional coupling is used in universal joints, shafts and flywheels.

Flanged shaft coupling

Flanged couplings are widely used in pipeline applications. In order to bring the two tube ends organised, flanged coupling is used. It acts as best sealing agent. It is resistant to acids and used in industrial and underwater applications. We also provide other types of rubber couplings like radially removable elastomer, L-type,C-type, H-type and other standard jaw coupling devices.

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