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Neoprene Rubber,Rubber Products, Accesories, Spares & Categories
Manufacturers and Exporters of all types of Industrial Rubber Products Since 1963

Neoprene Rubber,Rubber Products,Accessories, Spares & Categories

Manufacturers and Exporters of vast range of Industrial Rubber Products Since 1963

Neoprene Rubber and its properties

We manufacture Rubber Products that are generally made out of different kinds of rubber such as Natural Rubber (NR), Neoprene Rubber, Nitrile, EPDM, Silicone Rubber and many more. Neoprene Rubber is used for both home based and industrial based purposes. It is buoyant and stretchable. The products made out of neoprene are usually water proof and effective. This rubber is moderately resistant to ozone, abrasion, oil and chemicals. Neoprene is mostly used in bumpers, pads and gaskets for sealing applications.

Applications of Neoprene Rubber & Rubber Products: Belts, Conveyer Belts, Side Wall Coverings, Ceilings/Roofs, Insulators, Floor Mats, Etc.

Vibration Reduction in Rubber Products- Mounts, Beds, Pads, Neoprene Rubber

Neoprene Rubber Mount is capable of dampening shock & vibrations in the vertical as well as lateral directions. It is very easy to install the mounts in equipments and known for its static deflection. The neoprene made mounts that are embedded within the metal parts provides corrosion protection to the equipment attached. And our Cushy foot Mounting has great load volume, huge amount of deflection ability and durable for long duration. The Anti Vibration Mount absorbs shocks and impacts caused by punching machines and presses.

Applications: Blowers, Compressors, Small Gensets, Control Panels, Generators, Diesel Engines, Compressors, Mining Machinery, Printing Machinery, Pumps, Fans, Etc.

Rubber Products - Rubber Beadings

Our Rubber Beadings are manufactured in different kinds of rubber such as NR/ Neoprene / Nitrile / EPDM / Silicon / Viton. Rubber Beedings are available in Flat & Square Segments. They are available in different dimensions such as 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm. These products are made out of hard as well as soft rubber which depends upon the applications.

Applications: Neoprene beadings are used for packaging purposes and in gaskets.

Rubber Extrusions

RSCs Neoprene Rubber extrusions are used as sealing strip and available in different shapes such as D, P,U,Tube and custom forms. Other materials used in the manufacture of rubber extrusions are EPDM, Nitrile, Butyl, Urethrane, Flourocarbons, Hydrin, Natural Rubber and other compounds. Some of the properties of neoprene rubber extrusions are , they are tear and wear resistant, resistant to ozone, oxidation and radiation and anti-abrasive. They are effective in providing high degree of torrential stiffness to the products applied.
  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Electronics
  • Consumer Product
  • Appliance
  • Medical

Rubber Products - Rubber Couplings

We are best in designing different kinds of rubber couplings for our customers such as Tyre Coupling & Spare Tyre, Star Couplings & Spiders, Pin bush Coupling, Sleeve fit neoprene couplings, etc. The Tyre Couplings are applicable in mechanical power transmission. Universal Star Couplings are quick and easy for installation in reciprocating pumps, generator sets, diesel and gas engines. Some other features of rubber couplings are, they are easy to install, absorbs vibrations in pipeline system ,free of maintenance and highly resistant to oil. Neoprene rubber are commonly shielded into stainless steel couplings. Rubber Products - Neoprene Rubber, O-Rings, Seals, Cords Our Neoprene O-rings, seals and cords are manufactured with great effort at different dimensions and colours. It is used with water for sealing applications. The hardness of the rubber ranges in dimensions such as 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90. These products are designed in black, grey, red, green and white. These products are resistant to oil,ozone and sunlight. Neoprene Rubber products works in temperature range of 65F to +250/300F.

Applications: Medical, pharmaceutical and automobile industries.

Rubber Sheet products

Neoprene Rubber Sheets has good resistant to extreme weather conditions. And they are oil and gasoline resistant. They are adhesive to metals and has good resistance towards inorganic hydrocarbons. We manufacture other types of rubber sheets like Sponge Rubber Sheet / Natural Rubber Sheet /Hard Rubber Sheet / Neoprene Rubber Sheet / Nitrile Rubber Sheet / EPDM Rubber Sheet / Silicon Rubber Sheet / Viton Rubber Sheet, etc. These products have excellent mechanical and abrasion properties even without reinforcing fillers and have a reasonable resilience in grades over 60° shore A. The recommended operating temperature range is between -40°C to +125°C.

Flame retardant applications.