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Anti Vibration Mounts, Beds, Absorbers

Anti Vibration Mount, Beds, Absorbers

Anti-Vibration Mounting(Round)- AV-S Type

In order to get an ideal performance from machine tools, the noise levels must be reduced. And external and inherent vibration reduction can be assured with the help of an Anti Vibration Mount. It is easy to install and also efficient in accurate levelling. It absorbs vibration, friction or horizontal forces caused by punching machines, shaping machines and injection moulding machines. This device keeps the machinery firmly in position at the same time supports in smooth operation. Anti-Vibration Mount eliminate mass movements of machines and prevent them from wandering from one place to another. And even industrial machinery is protected from external shock loads and vibrations by means of rubber mounts. At RSC, we have all rubber products that your machine requires.
Applications: Lathes Machine, Milling Machine, Shaping Machine, Grinding Machine, Power Press, Hydraulic Press, Nibbler machine, Notching Machine, Press Brake, Guillotine Shear, Rubber Processing Machinery, Wood Working Machine, Etc.

Cushy-Foot Mounting(Square)

Our Cushy foot Anti Vibration Mount delivers large rebound, high volume capacity and durable for lifetime. The Cushy foot Anti Vibration mounting springs are loaded in shear and compression for optimum load/deflection features and protect from physical damage by the robust iron castings in which they are retained. The Rubber associated with mounts can resist any weather condition, grease, oil, acid and higher temperature conditions.
Applications: Generators, Diesel Engines, Compressors, Mining Machinery, Printing Machinery, Pumps, Fans and Blowers, Etc.

Sandwich Vibration Isolators

The sandwich anti vibration mounts are very suitable for direct compression at various inclinations. Rubber products bonded with the metal plates comprises the rubber mounts which are to be used either in compression, shear or coordination of both. These devices are designed to support heavy & sensitive equipment by eliminating irregular or continuous vibrations. Generally Anti Vibration mounts are easy to install and the performance results in longer service life, smoother maintenance operation & reduced maintenance.
Applications: Sound Chamber, Hopper, Heavy Installation Carriages, Construction and Suspending the small Automobile Engine, Etc.

Double 'U' Shear Anti Vibration Mounting

Our array of double 'u' shear mounts provides a soft, vertical spring rate. These Anti Vibration Mounts are capable of reducing shock & vibrations in both vertical as well as lateral directions. Shock absorbers also integrate built-in protection against metal to metal bottoming.
Applications: Blowers, Compressors, Small Gensets, Control Panels, Etc.