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Rubber Gaskets & Beadings

Rubber Gaskets & Beadings

We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Rubber Gaskets like nitrile, silicone, Viton, neoprene, EPDM and polyurethane. These materials are used to prevent fluid or gas leaks by providing a barrier and high pressure sealing between two mating surfaces. Made of high quality rubber gaskets, they are applicable in various industries. Our rubber products are available in various sizes. We also render several kinds of industrial rubber gaskets as per client's terms with high quality and low prices.


There are different kinds of rubber gasket materials manufactured by industries. For example, Nitrile based products have great resistance to petroleum based products. And other properties of rubber gaskets are their tear and abrasion resistance capacity. Whereas Fluorocarbon gaskets are resistant to heat , oil and chemicals. And silicone gaskets are weather and fire resistant. Likewise different types of rubber such as red rubber, aflas, neoprene has its own unique chemical properties. Gaskets are generally to prevent leakage of fluids. And the specifications of the gasket differ based on its type. There are two types basically they are, compressed sheet and beater-add gaskets. Compressed sheet gaskets have ability to withhold high temperatures and used in heavy duty applications. The gaskets are made out of asbestos and elastomers.


Rubber Gaskets are used in various industries such as,
  • exhaust systems
  • pipe flanges
  • turbo chargers
  • engine parts
  • automobile
  • steam
  • oil and chemical industries.